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Do you want to increase alexa ranking of your website yeaaah tahts why you came here so today am gonna share you about the process and use of alexa ranking to boost up your post instantly and rapidly. So guys you should now that boost the alexa ranking is so much difficult for the fresher blogger. They work very hard to boost up  and learn how to increase alexa ranking. After working very hard for thefore how can i quickly increase my alexa ranking  there blog they dont get any profitable thing for there blog due to which they get demoralise and stops there blogging passion. guys in starting i myself also faced so many problem but after some expirence ,hard working and smart working i was able to increase my alexa ranking. So guys get ready to grab the knowlegde of alexa ranking


How to boost up blog by alexa rank?

People always think the shortcut of all the things. Right you all were thinking that Is there an trick for the alexa ranking? Can they easily increase alexa ranking? There are so many starts coming the mind of refreshers In this post, you will get all your answer and You will come to know about the alexa. Before. what we are going to discuss


1. What is Alexa ranking?

2. how alexa ranking work?

how to increase alexa ranking

1.write the catchy or unique content doing some outbound linking ( guest post)

3.writing the posts continously

4. putting the alexa ranking widget.

5.promote your blog post on social media.

6.commenting on the blog niches website

so let us start guys

1.what is alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a web company which rank up the site factor like traffic.and give you a rank according to your traffic.

2.How the alexa works?

It works on the bases of the best matric for comparing two will measure your site daliy traffic and its resource so what we are going to do so that we can increase our alexa ranking is so lets us start…

1.write the catchy or unique content :-

NOTE: How to write the catchy or unique content

The important thing is to rank the alexa is to write the good and better quality things. This will help you to increase the traffic. And the one of the major thing about the google is that google like the unique quality content.content is the king of seo. It means if google like your content than no one can stop ranking up your Alexa. As we know alexa ranking is simpley related to traffic. If you are geting good traffic than your chances get doubled for the alexa ranking.

2.  By some outbound linking:-

You are thinking what is this “outbound linking” let me tell you it means that You should Start Write guest post and know you must thinking why because the guest posting will help you to create back links. if you get good numbet Of backlinks it will help to increase the Alexa rank. If you want to know how to create back links than check our post.

3. Writing the post continously:-

guys due to my point of view this is the most important Part of the system of alexa ranking. Now you must thinking why because the system wants good and new content update if you will not do it then you will not get the alexa rank. So write the posts regularly because it will Help you to increase alexa ranking. Everybody want good and branded content. So keep this think in your mind and write it regularly most of our new bies ate not able to write post continouslly which will affect your alexa ranking so write it regularly

4. Putting the alexa ranking Widget:-

Know the Question again arises what is this alexa ranking widget or Alexa toolbar sends yours hits to Alexa servers to get your required website Alexa rank. After Installing Alexa toolbar, when you visit your site it’s also hit Alexa for providing your site data.

How to install alexa toolbar.

1.Download Alexa Toolbar. After that you will also find the links to download Alexa Rank Toolbar for Chrome and Internet Explorer.

2.Install Alexa Toolbar by clicking on the big green button. It takes only a few seconds, then you may need to restart the browser.

after that you will so so many ney icons in your browser which will shoe you infomation like top 50 websites.

5.promote your blog post on social media-

promote your blog post on the social medias like facebook,whats app, linkdin, google+ becuase promoting tje blogpost on social media will able you to derive huge traffic on your website which will definatly increase your alexa ranking promoting is very good of cheap factor if your budget is good then you can also advertise it on google adwords.


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6. commenting on blog niches website:-

after writing a blog post you have to comment on other blog niche website which are related your niche which is also known as backlinking.but your have to comment in high pr and ad websites otherwise it will be of no use. it is also a great factor. If content is king then backlink is queen in seo ranking factor. Thanks i hope you liked our post. Also visit our another post for grabing up the knowledge of blogging .

so this is the way how you can improve alexa rank fast.

have a nice day

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