how to increase the traffic on your blog

No matter how good blogger you are and from how much time  you are in blogging you have to struugle for getting  traffic on your blog. I also have done that but let me tell you that my first blog was totally unsucessfull. but it is a very good for my i have learnt so many things from my last blog.but after that i have crack that code. i have got the key of success. and now i am sharing it with you.


Here is the list which i will share with you to increase the traffic on the blog to rank in google.

  1. the bonus trick.

umm… want to learn all of them.. i know you are waiting( i am also good in mind reading ) . so lets  start


  1. how to increase traffic on your blog

many of us write good but can not able  derive traffic from google  this happen all the time  ( ok most of the time ). is this happen with you

yeah… i know as i say you i am good i  mind reading

the solution for that is  you have to create a base of a blog in simple for we can say that we have to write article which not very much directly related to your website but still have high searches Have a look in example



suppose you have a website related to loot tricks so you can also write article on to get more likes on you facebook page to earn money online

and more…..

[Tricks]:- How to Write a optimized post for your blog?


Now many of us are thinking about keyword that from where we will get out the keywords so that w e can rank it in google and derive traffic ( Mind reading )


read the next part

 let me introduce you the bonus trick

note- your competiter will be your best friend in ranking your website


i know you are willing to know about this bonus trick wait wait let me tell you what will be required in this bonus trick

  1. ahref account( free account can be used)
  2. list of competiter
  3. common sense

so lets start this


  1. list of  compeitiers

first of all you have to make a list of your compeitier blog if you have new blog then  your compititer will you some new blog and some big blogs

note- you have not to add big blog in your list. because they will not help you

first question comes in your mind is.. from where you can find you competiter link

  1. by social network twitter facebook

– you can find the link of your competiter from social network like facebook  twitter

  1. by searching google with your keyword ( focus keyword)  and the tittle of your artice which you want to rank

i used to ask you to use 2 option and i also use that option.

so let us take the example

like you have search

how to increase the traffic on you blog

These are the blog which are your competitors

I recommend you to avoid the big sites which have high pr and da collect the list of those sites which have low da or pr like da =20+ you can use  fro seeing da and pr of a website.

once we have the list of our competitors, we will now spy on their keywords they rank for and find out the posts that gives them highest search traffic. So how to do this ..

I know it seems very complicated like spying on other keywords but It is damn easy the postion explorer function of ahref made it dame easy. Now you are thinking about the price of  ahref account and feeling a little worried ( mind reading) but you can use the free account for that but be carefull because it give you only 5 searches per day

So How to start ??


Open up ahrefs positions explorer and the excel file containing the list of your competitor URLs.

And paste it in that  and serch it will show you the top ranked keywords

For example suppose I have searched my other website in it and here is the result ps: I am not giving the name of my website due to some reasons

These are the top ranked keywords and here is the result  traffic and source

The top 5 organic keywords are the keywords which give your competitor the highest traffic. And help it in ranking so but backlink and network marketing jobs  are on postion 5 and 3. Do the same process and make the list of keyword of  your competitor blog . ( I just  love to know about what my competitor blogs are ranking for or what make help helpfull in ranking in google).

So  This way, you can get a list of all your competitor keywords that they get traffic from.

The Implementation Step

Now we have the list of ranked keyword or our competitor website here is some good topic which are easy to rank.

1.Watch online movies for free

  1. how to create high quality backlink lancer jobs .

So what we have to do we have to write some high quality articles on it. Yes high quality article. So that it can rank in goolge after posting 5 and 6 article you blog traffic will automatically increased . and m,ay be you  outrank your competitor.

Keep repeating the steps and you can take your site to the next level. Make new competitor lists, this time with more DA and follow the same.

Thank you all keep visiting 


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