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Do you want to know how to earn money from internet or how to earn kiney without any investment then you are at right place yes i am going to tell you   how to earn money from facebook  or make money online by blogging do you want to make money online from bloggingthen here is the trick of making money online in just 2 hours  how to make money online blogging  

Yes you are going to earn money online fast . You will find the secret to make $100/hours without any investment or technical knowledge .

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1. No need to by a domain

2. No need to buy premium hosting

3. No need to build a single backlink

4. No investment needed.

5. Just you have to do some work and you will earn 100$ in just 1 hours or 2 hours.

Let me tell you what we are going to do

1. We have to register a domain name from blogspot. Then we are going to create a semi porn website . And then we will use keyword and share the post on facebook and the traffic and we will not use adsense in this case we will use popads network.


so lets start

best blog sites create blog

1. first of all you have to make a semi porn blog.but wait tis is not a wrong way this is a awesome trick. i have used this trick..

creating a blog website for free

1.for making a blog use it will give you a free website.


here is the tricks started

2. create a website like sunnyleonehotpics etc… in domain name use some adult word like hotpics etc  means people thing it is a porn website but it will  contain any adult thing but look like that they contain adults videos that we have never seen in life :-p 

how to earn money online without paying anything

How to write an article

1.use keywords in the tittle which people used to search in google like hot pics.

2. for pics use semi nude pics like a pic which is blur and written that pic is loading.

you can check the website for example
3. hen you use the pics then make sure you have choosen x large size this will help you in later steps.


how to monetize it we all know that we can’t use google adsense for that because google we block our account in a minute. so we will use popads for that you can sign in from given link.

2. here are the proof of payment.

sign up from here

now how to drive trafic

how to earn money from facebook

1.create a profle on facebook. of a girl name on send friend requests.

2. join the group naming

hot pics

here  is the list of groups


and then copy your blog link and share it on facebook you have used x large pic in previous will make the photo large which will seen to users in facebook.


Note1:-Don’t do too fast else your id will get block.

#2 Don’t waste your time surfing groups.Remember “Time is Money.”

The achievement rate of progress will rely on upon advancement . Utilize Facebook knocking to drive huge amounts of guests from Facebook.

You can utilize apparatuses like mass organizer to consequently share your post in many groups with time interim .Mass organizer will likewise share your post in various Facebook gatherings and knock them.

Step by step instructions to expand your acquiring :-

There are some mystery traps to boost your gaining ;

Utilize amazon grown-up items associate connection on blog with clear pictures.

Attempt to get most movement from Monday to Friday .They pays less CPM at ends of the week.

Permit less popads to get high income.

Utilize just popads arrange on the off chance that you need high cpm rate.

Draw in guests from lucrative/english nation like america ,uk,australia and numerous others recorded in popads rates list.

Draw in more natural activity .

Drive activity from web index .They pay less for web-based social networking and direct movement.

Include your site in most pertinent classification so they demonstrate right promotions to ideal individual and it will help you to expand your winning.



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