How can you make unique good higher Image of your Blog ?

How To Start a Blog in 2017 – Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners

So Frndz today am going to tell you How to make a good image of your blog?

Frndz as we all know that blogging is a interest and helpful thing. Peoples and students use blogging be being self dependent. Which is a good thing. They start blogging but they could not get the proper traffic on there blog. Due to which they are not able to get benefit. Due to this problem they get Demoralized and stops there blog. Which is not good.

Frndz am share up my views which will help uh in making good image and geting more traffic for your blog. Frndz after reading my views you will 100% get the confidence.

So i have divided my views in some major steps plz follow the steps given below:- 

  • Find and make your own style of writing blogs:-

    Frndz people use to copy the blogs from any other places but google is more clever the you. due to which ypu will not get the profit. For good image of your blog. You should write your blog in your style. Write all the things related to the blog in your blog but in your own way.


  • Think about different type of post style:-

    Frndz you should think about different type of style which will make your post intetesting and good.You can hit some jokes in your blog but in limted portion. It means you have to write much better and different from other write by your own thinking. This will make the standard of your post.


  • Different type of design for your blogs:-

    Frndz think about different and attractive design for your post. Write it in your own way we will attract the traffic to open your blog. Different type of design will make good impression to the traffic due to which they will keep visiting to yours blogs.This will make better impression .


  • Think your’s Unique logo for your blog:-

    Frndz make your attractive and Unique logo for your blog. Because logo does matter because it attracts the traffic. Unique logo makes good impression for your blog. As our site Buzz tricks having the logo. Right here…!!! All blog have there own logo. Don’t copy the logo from other blog. You should have attractive logo. This Makes good impression for your blog.

  • Post photo and video in your post:- Frndz you should post at least 1 or 2 photo or video in your post. The photo and video must be related to the topic about what you writen. Because it helps the traffic to understand and catch easily the main perpose of the post. This show the good impression. Which is good for your blog.

So frndz these were the most Imp. Steps which make a good and branded image of the blogs.

I hope you learn comfortably the points which will help you. I hope you get more confidence to restart your blog in your own way to make your blog a branded blog. Plz…. Comment in the comment box how do you like it.

Thnx Have a good day.

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