[Tricks]:- How to get google adsense approval in 1 minute legel trick

  • The Minimum Requirement or need for approving an adsense.

First of all you should know  

What is adsense?

how to get adsense on youtube

In simple language  “Adsence is a turning passion into your’s profit  or it is a free,simple way to earn profit or money by adding Ads on your specific websites. [ Website + Adsense = Income]. 

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Adsence is a very Profitable process. This help people to stay selfdependent. This helps people to earn profit in simple way. How you get profit by ads? 

how to get google adsense approval fast

Its simple when someone visits on your website and than that specific traffic see the Ads and clicks on it and enters into the Ads . Than you will get the profit📉. By clicking on Ads by 1 person google gives you 0.10$ . Now you can think by clicking by traffic how much you will get the Profit or income.

blogger adsense approval trick

I know you are very excited ;).to know the minimum Requirement for approving the adsense. 

how to get approved for google adsense youtube

Here Down there are some steps


Steps of Mini. Requirement for approving adsense :-

how to qualify for adsense through blogger

adsense approval trick

  1. Your website should have about us and contacts us page which is very much important.
  2. You must have a private policy.
  3. Your website content should not be copied from any other site it should be different from other.
  4. The posted  Articles should be different,attractive and interesting with logical facts of tricks and Knowledge.
  5. The website on which you are activating the ads should be 20 days odd.
  6. You have to post atleast 30 post on your site.
  7.  Not much web traffic is needed. 
  8. Last but not the least Imp. Thing is that your website account must ne on WordPress.

By all this steps you can easily approve your adsense. ;);) And earn the profit 📈 .

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So frndz i hope you are satisfied with this now go and prepare your site to approve an adsense on it and starting earning profit. 📈

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adsense approval trick with html code

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